Scary Video Shows UFC Fighter Ryan Benoit Unable To Stand On His Own While Dehydrated At A Failed Weigh-In

ryan benoit dehydrated failed weigh in

Amy Kaplan

It’s easy to understand the rationale behind requiring MMA fighters to document their weight before they make their way to the cage, as there’s theoretically no harm in making sure the two people getting paid to beat the hell of out each other will be facing off on the level playing field where they agreed to compete.

You could argue the practice is also beneficial to the safety of the combatants tasked with pushing every single muscle fiber to their body to the limit, but it’s impossible to overlook the equally dangerous downsides that reared their ugly head in Las Vegas on Friday ahead of UFC Fight Night.

Ryan Benoit was slated to face off against Zarrukh Adashev in a welterweight match on Saturday where both men were supposed to clock in at no more than 126 pounds, but that fight won’t take place due to what unfolded when the former attempted to step onto the scale and caused a pretty concerning scene in the process.

Benoit wasn’t able to make it to the scale without the help of his coach Jamie Crowder when he initially emerged, nor was he able to stand on his own while the Nevada State Athletic Commission official tasked with registering his weight tried (and failed) to record it.

According to ESPN, the fighter met with a doctor and eventually reemerged five minutes later, where he managed to hold it together long enough to officially weigh in at 129 pounds.

The fight could’ve still gone on, but the UFC elected to remove the obviously dehydrated fighter from the card due to a “weight management issue” (which probably had less to do with the three extra pounds and more to do with the extreme measures he deployed to make that number as small as possible.)