ESPN’s Ryan Clark Reacts To Antonio Brown Calling Him An ‘Uncle Tom’, Tells Deion Sanders Jr. To Meet Him ‘Face-To-Face’ Over Criticism


It’s been a pretty eventful week for ESPN analyst Ryan Clark.

During New Year’s weekend, Clark went viral after he blasted his former Steelers teammate Antonio Brown for being selfish when he went AWOL and requested a trade from the team after getting into a heated argument with Ben Roethlisberger.

“Mike Wallace turned down his deal, and I knew already they were going to offer Antonio,” “When [Brown] walks past, I say to the strength coaches, ‘When you give him money, you’re going to create a monster.’”

“With success, with money, these things come,” “… When it comes to being a good teammate, when it comes to just being supportive, understanding you’re trying to achieve one goal, that doesn’t matter to him. What matters to him is 19 attempts, 14 carries, 185 yards, two touchdowns against the Saints. That’s what’s important to Antonio Brown.

“… Mike Tomlin has to put his foot down and shop Antonio Brown. … This is about the fabric of the team. This is about the guy who goes Facebook Live when your coach is talking.”

Brown eventually saw the video of Clark’s criticism on Instagram Wednesday and fired back by calling Clark an “Uncle Tom”.

Clark decided to not add fuel to the fire and delivered a measured response to Brown’s “Uncle Tom” comment.

Clark went on to defend his criticism of Brown.

Clark wasn’t so kind to Deion Sanders son who called him a “lame” on Twitter.

It’s that type of week for Ryan Clark.

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