Ryan Garcia’s Alleged ‘Mole’ May Have Revealed Himself After Sharing Apology Video

Ryan Garcia after losing to Gervonta Davis

Getty Image / Al Bello

Gervonta Davis secured the victory over Ryan Garcia on Saturday night after delivering a powerful body shot in the seventh round.

Garcia dropped to one knee after a delayed reaction and was unable to recover.

However, not long after the brawl, Ryan Garcia made a claim he had a mole in his camp that potentially leaked a body injury to Gervonta Davis.

Now, the mole in question may actually be revealed.

According to SportsCenter, Garcia revealed he had a mole in his camp. With that said, he also wanted to make it clear that he’s not using it as an excuse for losing to Davis.

Two weeks prior to the fight, Davis seemed adamant he knew of a body injury Garcia recently suffered. Here’s the clip of him talking about it.

Boxing fans have speculated who the possible mole might be.

Well, that question may finally be answered. Michael Benson, a popular boxing reporter, shared a video of Ryan Garcia’s sparring partner apologizing for injuring Garcia.

It’s important to note that Erdenebat Tsendbaatar doesn’t technically admit he was the one who spilled the beans to Gervonta Davis in this video.

He’s simply apologizing for injuring Garcia leading up to the fight.

Additionally, there is nothing confirming who is Ryan Garcia’s alleged mole. But speculation remains high amongst boxing fans.

At the very least, most fans believe Tsendbaatar injuring Garcia before the fight could prevent him from receiving work as a sparring partner.

Maybe Garcia and Davis will face off again sometime down the road. Until then, boxing fans are going to continue to speculate about the mole in question.