Ryan Lochte’s Fake Robbery Story Will Likely Cost Him Millions Of Dollars In Endorsements


Ryan Lochte might the biggest idiot on Earth right now. Instead of owning up to trashing a gas station, Lochte fabricated a story about how robbers dressed as police officers and put a gun to his head to take his money.

Lochte’s lying will likely cost him millions of dollars in endorsements and has put his 2020 Olympics in jeopardy.

Via Darren Rovell Of ESPN

This essentially would take out all his endorsements, He has a big deal with Speedo a big deal with Ralph Lauren those are his two big deals. It would be hard to imagine that if this story does come to fruition and this was a lie that any of these companies would stand behind him.

Millions of dollars and any money that would get him through if he chooses to swim in 2020. I couldn’t imagine in the next two years he would get an endorsement deals plus he will lose all these.

What a fucking moron.

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