Ryan And Ryan’s Wrexham Recruitment Campaign To Lure Gareth Bale Out Of Retirement Might Be Working

Wrexham AFC owners holding trophy Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

Getty Image / Matthew Ashton - AMA

Former Tottenham superstar Gareth Bale hung up his boots in January after retiring from professional soccer. It came after one season with LAFC in the MLS.

Gareth Bale won countless club trophies and individual awards, including 5 Champions League titles, 4 FIFA Club World Cups, and 3 La Liga titles with Real Madrid.

At only 33 years old, Gareth Bale could ride off into the sun and live comfortably forever thanks to his estimated fortune of $145 million. But Wrexham AFC owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are attempting an all-out battle to recruit Gareth Bale to Wrexham for one last hurrah.

Wrexham just gained promotion to England’s League Two for the first time in 15 years, England’s fourth-tier league. Should Wrexham AFC want to not only stay in League Two but seek to gain promotion to League One they’ll need to add some firepower.

Given that Gareth Bale is the greatest footballer Wales has ever produced, adding him to Wrexham AFC would only deepen the fairytale. The recruitment started when Gareth Bale congratulated Wrexham and Rob on promotion. Rob McElhenney immediately started the recruitment:

Gareth Bale responded:

Ryan Reynolds slid into Gareth Bale’s mentions and said he’d move heaven and earth to make it happen:

Ryan is dropping expert photoshops now:

In response to all of this back and forth about Gareth Bale potentially coming out of retirement to join Wrexham AFC, the bookmakers have noticed.

An article in the DailyMail claims the odds of the former Tottenham wunderkind joining Wrexham have moved all the way to 12-to-1.

One thing is for certain, Wrexham AFC will be spending and bringing in new players to compete in League Two. Whether or not that squad includes Gareth Bale remains to be seen.