Ryan Reynolds Spent A Fortune On Whiskey To Help Wrexham Fans Celebrate Club’s Promotion

Ryan Reynolds hugs Wrexham star Paul Mullin

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You don’t have to be a diehard soccer fan to appreciate what Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have done since dropping around $2.5 million in 2020 to purchase Wrexham AFC, the Welsh soccer club with a history stretching back to 1864.

What initially came off as a bit of a publicity stunt quickly became an incredibly compelling story documented in Welcome to Wrexham, the series chronicling the trials and tribulations that the team, its fans, players, and new owners have faced since the acquisition.

The primary goal was for Wrexham to escape the fifth-tier National League where it’s wallowed since being relegated in 2008.

It took a few years, but last month, that dream was finally realized after Wrexham ensured it would finish at the top of the table and earn a promotion to League Two, which was a truly monumental moment for a franchise and city that’s been subjected to close to two decades of relative misery.

Reynolds was understandably ecstatic following the win that proved the risky experiment had been a fairly resounding success, and he went out of his way to make sure some of the fans who flooded the pitch at The Racecourse Ground following the historic victory got the celebration they truly deserved.

The actor was just one of many people who flocked to a nearby pub called The Turf after the match, and while you’d think he might have brought a few cases of Aviation Gin in tow, The Mirror reports he opted to drop £40,000 (around $50,000) on 40 bottles of whiskey that cost £1,000 each (around $1,250).

It’s not entirely clear what the whiskey in question was, but based on the price, it’s safe to assume it was some scotch with a very hefty age statement.

That was far from the only libation jubilant Wrexham supporters consumed over the course of the night, as The Turf owner Wayne Jones (who is featured in Welcome to Wrexham) said the pub had to close early for the first time in its existence after they drank every drop of booze in the place.

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