The Sacramento Kings’ New Unis Are So Much Cleaner Than Their Awful New Logo Is

Sacramento Kings

For a long time, the Sacramento Kings have been baaaaaad, averaging just 27 wins over the past decade. And after another dysfunctional season saw them missing out on the playoffs and firing their head coach, the Kings then revealed a new logo that looked like shit!

Resembling a ghost from Pac-Man upside down, the Internet ripped the Kings a new asshole—prompting the franchise to pull a wild promotion to try and cover up the suckiness.

But, you know what? The Kings have done something right—because they unveiled their new uniforms today, and the things are soooo stylish.

And here’s a video of the unveiling:

Look, I don’t expect Sacramento to do jack shit for a long time. But at least they’ll look fancy with these new threads each time they lose, and that might be the most important part for Kings fans to remember.


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