Saints’ Alvin Kamara Hasn’t Spent Any Of His NFL Money Even After Signing $75 Million Contract, Lives Off Endorsement Deals

Saints’ Alvin Kamara recently signed a massive 5-year $75 million extension with the Saints last year but he doesn’t plan on spending any of that money anytime soon.

Kamara joins a growing number of athletes who plan on saving their NFL money while only spending what they make off endorsements.

In a recent interview for Uninterrupted’s “Kneading Dough” series, the Saints’ Pro Bowl running back talked about how watching his mother work hard when he was young gave him an appreciation for the value of a dollar.

Via Uninterrupted

“I’ve always known the value of a dollar,”

“As a kid, I saw my mom work multiple jobs only to be able to afford the bare essentials.”I’m like, ‘Okay, this is more than I’ve ever had. My mom ain’t never had this much,’” “It would be a shame if I got this and lost it. I’m gonna keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing — [spending on] what I need and that’s it. I’m not about to go over the top, I’m not gonna live beyond my means.”

Kamara went on to say that he has yet to spend any of his football money from either his rookie contract or the $75 million extension he received from the Saints and plans to save it all while living off his endorsements.

Despite the fact that he lives off endorsements, the Saints running back makes sure to partner only with brands he has a close relationship with.

“I want to be a partner. I want it to be a real relationship to where it’s not just a one-off thing,”. “All the brands that I work with I can call directly and talk to a CEO or somebody high up and have a regular conversation with them. It’s almost like a family. We’re working together, but we care for each other.”