Italian Soccer Team, Salernitana, Has 10 Days To Find A New Owner Or They’re Out Of Serie A


Getty Image / Ivan Romano

  • Salernitana is in a unique situation in Serie A right now
  • If they can’t find a new owner in 10 days then they’ll be kicked out of their league
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There is a unique situation currently unfolding in Serie A right now. Salernitana needs to find a new owner for their team by December 31st or they will be removed from Serie A.

Salernitana has had the clock ticking on its time in Serie A since the second they were promoted. Their potential expulsion is entirely because of one issues. That issue is their owner.

Salernitana is owned by Claudio Lotito. Lotito happens to also serve as the president of Lazio, a much better team that is already in Serie A. League rules prohibit one person or company to operate two clubs in the same league in Italy.

Lotito has been trying to find a buyer since Salernitana was promoted to Serie A, but has yet to receive a suitable offer for the team. The team was put in a blind trust before the season to allow them to compete, but now their deadline for sale is quickly approaching.

The league’s clubs voted to extend the deadline until to June to allow Salernitana to complete the season, but the Italian Federation has decided to stick with the current deadline.

If the club is removed, this season will be treated as if they were never in the league to begin with. All of their results from this season would be removed from the record books if they can’t find a buyer.

That would result most clubs in Italy having a win removed from their record as Salernitana has only managed 2 wins and 2 draws in their first 18 matches this season.

To make matters worse, Salernitana wouldn’t even get to play their last game if their expulsion comes to fruition. They were scheduled to play Udinese today in their last game before the holiday break, but didn’t make the trip due to health and safety precaution.

Hopefully a buyer can be found in the next 10 days and continue their fight to avoid relegation.