Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins Cut Off His Dreads Before Camp And Looks Nearly Unrecognizable

by 7 months ago

During the offseason the Kansas City Chiefs gave wide receiver Sammy Watkins a boatload of money and are now eager to unleash him in their offense next season.


The Chiefs were impressed by Watkins’ speed and big-play ability during recently concluded offseason practice, but they knew he had those qualities. Those qualities are why in March they gave him a three-year contract worth $48 million.

We’re moving him all over the place, and he’s handled it,” coach Andy Reid said. “We’ve overloaded him with that. That’s how we do it in this offense. That’s something new for him. You can tell he’s a guy that takes it away from here and studies. When we’re doing all these different formations, you’ve got to do that. You just can’t get it all when you’re here. You’ve got to go back and you’ve got to review, and he’s done that and he’s really limited the mistakes for all we’ve given him.”

Watkins showed up to the Chiefs’ first day of camp without his dreads and looked nearly unrecognizable.

We’ll see if cutting off the dreads has any impact on Watkins’ game next season.

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