The San Diego Padres Are Turning Their Stadium Into A 9-Hole Golf Course In November And It Looks VERY UNSAFE


San Diego Padres


I want to love it. Well, I do love it. I love the SPIRIT of the idea. I’m just concerned about the execution. And you will see why once you look at the course map below.

According to the Padres website:

An all-new nine-hole golf experience is coming to Petco Park in November. Get your tee time for The Links at Petco Park November 6-8. Each hole will feature a unique theme and the opportunity to win prizes like a new Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver. Golfers will finish in The Loft presented by Budweiser.

Each hole will feature a unique theme, with various holes offering corresponding food and beverages. Golfers will finish their day in The Loft presented by Budweiser, which will be transformed into a Callaway clubhouse for the opportunity to relax with additional food and beverages available for purchase, watch other golfers along the course, and shop for commemorative items. A limited number of tee times are offered daily beginning at 7:30 a.m. for this unforgettable golf experience.

Pricing starts at $100 for twosomes and $200 for foursomes and includes parking, snacks and beverages, limited edition “The Links at Petco Park” hats and a nine-hole round for each golfer.

First of all, that pricing is somewhat absurd for nine holes of not real golf, but I will look past that because YOU PAY FOR THE EXPERIENCE, BRO. Second, and most importantly, you want me to putt on the 4th green while people are teeing off at it from the 9th, 6th, and 3rd tees? Are you out of your fucking mind?!?! How do the logistics of this course even work? Does one group play nine holes before the next group tees off? I don’t trust people to not hit my on a regular golf course, let a lone a makeshift one with 70ft in elevation changes.

But yeah, I want to play it. Padres, hook a brother up.