49ers Fan Breaks Up Fight Between NFL Players During San Francisco’s Insane Takeover Of SoFi Stadium

San Francisco 49ers fans took over SoFi Stadium
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San Francisco 49ers fans like to refer to SoFi Stadium as β€˜Levi’s South’ because whenever their team is playing in Los Angeles, it looks like a home game. Rams and Chargers fans are significantly out-numbered by their opponents each and every time. Without fail.

That was the case again on Sunday. Inglewood was overrun by 49ers fans as Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey led the visiting home team to a seven-point win over the home visitors.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are separated by about 380 miles and multiple flights run between the two cities every day. They’re pretty cheap, too.

Thus, it is super easy for 49ers fans to fly south for away games against the Rams and Chargers. However, they are known for their travel and often bring large groups to away games.

There is also a large contingency of San Francisco fans who live in southern California. They hosted all of the travelers at a massive tailgate outside of SoFi Stadium before the game.

By the time that the doors opened, it was clear right away that the home fanbase was going to be the minority.

They continued to roll in as the afternoon went on and the takeover commenced.

Come kickoff, it was a sea of red.

49ers fans turned SoFi Stadium into its home stadium for the week.

Los Angeles’ famous call-and-response chant asks: β€œWHOSE HOUSE?” Fans respond: β€œRAMS HOUSE!”

That was not true on Sunday.

According to Vivid Seats, at least 64% of the tickets were occupied by the visiting fanbase. It wasn’t even close.

It looked as though the Rams were playing an away game. There was hardly any blue in the crowd.

Even down on the field, 49ers fans were more involved. Especially during the fourth quarter, when Deebo Samuel and Derion Kendrick got into it with one another.

In stepped a San Francisco fan (wearing a Lakers hat) to break it up!

Samuel had no idea what was going on in the moment, but it was pretty funny looking back!

San Francisco reaffirmed its title as β€œbest traveling fanbase” in the NFL while in Los Angeles over the weekend. 49ers fans were everywhere and their heads were on a swivel, just in case a fight broke out!