Is Boogie Boarding Gigantic Sand Dunes In New Zealand The Next Extreme Sport? If So, Count Me In!

Boogie Monster meet Sandman, Sandman meet the Boogie Monster. It’s still the dog days of Summer down under in New Zealand yet from this video I’ve gathered that they’re already bored with endless days of surfing, and have therefore taken to the sand dunes of Mordor (that’s a thing, right?) with their sponges (boogie boards).

Well, I for one welcome the rise of the sponge within extreme sport culture. For far too long boogie boards and the spongers who ride them have been unfairly ridiculed for not standing up on the board like their surfing brethren. Even the guys over at TheInertia admit some of the greatest waves ever ridden were done so by someone laying on their belly. So listen up surfers: spongers get ridiculously chapped nipples from the wax on the boogie board just like your chest gets wrecked from a surfboard, you’re all cut from the same cloth.

Surfer or sponger, you have to love these wipeouts:

And I don’t care who you are, if you enjoy outdoors sports this looks incredible:

The only thing this video is missing (IMHO), is music that doesn’t make me want to go help an old lady cross the street. If you’re going to show footage of a bunch of bros boogie boarding on sand mountains you might as well play ‘Enter the Sandman’, because it’s the track this video deserves.

If you’re so inclined I’ve added the ‘Enter the Sandman’ music video below, and you can hit plan on both videos and mute the top one:

[via The Inertia]