Savannah Bananas OF Goes Viral After Making Wild Backflip Catch

Savannah Bananas OF doing a backflip

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The Savannah Bananas continue to be one of the most exciting teams in baseball, even though they’re not in the MLB.

They certainly got everyone talking on Monday night though, after an outfielder made a wild backflip play to record an out.

It was at the top of the second and the Savannah Bananas were tied 1-1 with the Party Animals.

The batter hit a pop-fly to center field and that’s when No. 5 on the Bananas, Jack Renwick, otherwise known as Dr. Meadows, made an insane backflip catch.

Watch the highlight for yourself, as it’s absolutely electric.

I’m not athletic enough to even attempt that. Clearly, you have to be a true athlete to even make that backflip play happen so it’s no wonder he plays for the Savannah Bananas.

Then add onto the fact he still had the wherewithal to catch the ball in his glove. It’s just an absolutely fantastic play.

The idea of the Bananas is just brilliant. Why not have a baseball version of the Harlem Globetrotters? There are so many antics this team pulls in every game.

So, doing a backflip catch to record an out might be a normal occurrence for the Savannah Bananas.

The Bananas season is coming to a close soon through, as they wrap it up in mid September.

They’re obviously a hot commodity too, as every game (except one) is sold out. So, if you want to watch backflip catches, fireball pitches, and batters on stilts, you’re probably going to have to wait until next season.