Giants Televise Punishment Of Team Announcer For Losing Fantasy Football League

Giants hat

Getty Image / Dylan Buell

Fantasy football season is quickly approaching and many have shared clips of league punishments for last place finishers of their leagues last year.

Well, Dave Flemming, an announcer for the San Francisco Giants had his punishment broadcasted on live television during the Tampa Bay Rays game.

Usually, Flemming is up in the booth, but on Monday night he found himself in the dugout working as the Giants bat boy.

While he was hard at work, the other announcers chimed in and commented about Dave Flemming losing his fantasy football league. Watch the clip for yourself as his coworkers inform everyone of what’s going on.

Now, we’ve seen our fair share of fantasy football punishments over the years. Just recently, one guy had to wear a dress while playing an entire round of golf.

With that in mind, the Giants announcer may have gotten off easy. Especially considering a ton of people would love to be a bat boy for a professional team.

I mean, Flemming’s hanging out in the dugout with the San Francisco Giants. Sure, he has to run around and pickup bats and balls. But how hard can that be? Little kids do it all the time.

Either way, it’s actually awesome this played out on live television. But maybe this season Flemming will make sure he doesn’t come in last place in his fantasy football league.

So, lesson learned. If you’re playing fantasy football this year, do your research. Make that trade, and be active on the waiver wire.