Turns Out American Rap Legend Brad Jordan (AKA Scarface) Is Really, Really Into Golf

Can I tell you something? I’m not sure I have ever heard one of Scarface’s songs, nor would I even recognize it if I did. But Brad Jordan (aka Scarface) just became my new favorite rapper, because the dude LOVES golf.

What I enjoyed about this short film made by Callaway Golf (a brand that is kind of kicking the shit out of every other golf brand when it comes to growing the game) is that Scarface’s enthusiasm for the golf is so pure. When I look at him, I see me. Granted we look nothing alike and every time I try to rap I eventually turn into a child and integrate “piss and shit” into the lyrics, but we share a common, very genuine love for this game. When we’re playing, we might not be great, but goddammit we are loving every minute of it. Except when I three-putt. For that brief moment I hate the game and myself. It’s also when I launch into profane tirades and use the word “cunt” very liberally.  If I know Scarface like I think I do (not at all) he probably reacts to poor play the EXACT same way.

Here’s Scarface’s appearance on Callaway Live that was included in the Golf Lives short film above.