Scott Burrell’s Wife Reacts To Michael Jordan Calling Her Husband ‘Dennis Rodman Jr.’ Because Of His Non-Stop Partying While On The Bulls

by 7 months ago

Michael Jordan’s big brother-little brother relationship with Scott Burrell has been an interesting side story during ESPN’s Chicago Bulls documentary “The Last Dance”

In the latest episode of the documentary Jordan could be seen ribbing Burrell for his non-stop partying with women while on the team plane.

Jordan: This man never gets sleep. Dennis Rodman Jr.

Burrell: Don’t say that on camera.

Jordan: He’s a single man and thinks he can hang out all night

Burrell: Hey don’t put that on tape

Jordan: If he’s committed to one girl it’s a lie. He’s out there every night.

Burrell: My mom and dad are going to watch this.

Jordan: Mom and dad he’s an alcoholic

Burrell is currently married to SNY TV anchor Jeane Coakley who didn’t mind Jordan outing her husband’s partying from 20 years ago.

Burrell says he doesn’t mind Jordan’s bullying on the documentary. Burrell went on to Jordan for making him a better player and a better player off the court during a recent interview.

I think it was just tough coaching, there wasn’t anyone back in the day who didn’t coach like that, I think it’s all a great experience up making me a better person and a better player.

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