Scottie Pippen And Shaquille O’Neal Are Beefing On Instagram, Makes Me Wish Time Could Be Turned Back



As someone who grew up idolizing the hell out of Michael Jordan, you’re never going to catch me dogging His Airness or picking against him.

One of the best centers in NBA history, Shaquille O’Neal, though? Never a teammate of Jordan’s besides an All-Star Game, Shaq doesn’t seem to care that the game’s greatest player led his Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles during the ’90s.

Posting the above photo on his Instagram the other day that said an all-time L.A. Lakers squad would, “beat em by fifty,” the Big Cactus knew how to ruffle some feathers.

One of the guys who seemed to laugh off O’Neal’s proclamation was Jordan’s sidekick from those six championships, Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, who replied back to the big man with his own Instagram post that showed Pip and MJ celebrating their second three-peat together in eight years, adding the words, “twice the amount you claimed while in L.A…” 

Shots fired, bros.

The real question here is who’s coaching these teams, as Shaq had the luxury of having the Bulls’ duo legendary coach Phil Jackson at the helm to win his three titles in Hollywood.

Fuck, after reading these exchanges between Pippen and Shaq, it really makes me wish someone would just create a damn time machine that would revert all of these guys back to their primes so we can have the most epic showdown that anyone has ever seen on a basketball court.

Not the type to be outdone, Shaq, naturally, replied to Pippen’s post with the exact same fucking picture that the former All-Star posted, superimposing Jordan’s face over Pip’s and adding, “remember I WAS BATMAN YOU WAS ROBIN , I was PUFFY YOU WAS MASE…”

Damn, Shaq, you’re straight crushin’ Pippen with this one.

Unfortunately, I don’t think a time machine’s going to happen anytime soon, so, hopefully, these two superstars continue to add gas to this fire—or get into a wrestling ring and settle their beef with one another.