Seattle Seahawks Fan Rushes Field After Victory, Pulls Down Pants, Drinks A Beer

Things got pretty out of hand after Russell Wilson found Jermaine Kearse with a 35-yard touchdown pass in overtime to give the Seattle Seahawks a Super Bowl berth. Wilson turned on the waterworks, Michael Bennett got his hands on a bike and idiot fans who left wondered how they’d made such a mess of their lives.

But no one, and I mean no one, had a better time than this guy who made his way on the field in order to drink beer with his pants around his ankles.

Now, that doesn’t look like beer to me but if you can’t trust ESPN, who can you trust?

And before you judge him, take a walk in his shoes. You rush the field full of adrenaline. Then you realize you’re on the field and just being on the field isn’t enough. There’s very little to do once you’re on the field that won’t result in further punishment. All you know is that you have a pair of pants and an alcoholic beverage.

So you combine the two in one fit of jubilation

And that’s how you go viral. And possibly to jail for trespassing.