Green Bay Packers Fans Hilariously Compare Sean Clifford To Brett Favre

Sean Clifford

Getty Image / Michael Hickey

Brett Favre, though facing legal trouble currently, is a Green Bay Packers legend and one of the best quarterbacks to ever live. That’s why it’s so funny to see Packers fans compare rookie fourth-round pick Sean Clifford to the Hall-of-Famer after one preseason game.

As someone who watched every snap Sean Clifford took at our Alma Mater, Penn State, over the last four years, I can almost see where they’re coming from. They both make some great plays, and some plays that make you wonder if they’ve ever played before.

For example, this throw against Purdue last year in a game that Penn State seemed to be on its way to winning scarred me for life.

And then, he came back with a drive like this to win the game.

That duality was on display in Sean Clifford’s NFL preseason debut on Friday against the Bengals. He was 20-26 for 208 yards, which would normally be a very impressive stat line. But, he threw two picks, including a pick-six, against just one touchdown pass.

He made some truly great throws, as well.

Still, the Favre comparisons are little over the top, considering he retired as the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. Interceptions, too.

They are forgetting that Brett Favre had one of the most naturally-gifted arms in league history. Sean Clifford has a good arm, but it’s nothing special at this level of football.

The Packers won, 36-19.