Sean Payton Vows Change With Blunt Statement About Russell Wilson

Sean Payton

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

The Denver Broncos hired Sean Payton and the franchise is hoping to finally turn things around.

From the sounds of it, the veteran head coach aims to do just that. Additionally, he shared a blunt statement regarding Russell Wilson for the 2023 season.

While speaking with the media on Monday, Sean Payton didn’t mince words about the changes he’s going to make within the organization.

When asked about Russell Wilson’s personal coaches, Payton shut down any notion of the veteran quarterback’s team of coaches having access to the facility.

The bluntness is noteworthy, as Payton is essentially taking control of whatever is going on in Denver.

Throughout the 2022 season, Wilson’s personal coaches were a hot topic of discussion as many believed they were a distraction for the rest of the franchise.

It was a bit weird at times. Remember when Russell Wilson was supposedly working out on the plane ride home with his personal coaches?

Sure sounds like Sean Payton isn’t going to let that fly now that he’s in charge.

If anything, this is probably good news for the Broncos. After a meltdown of a season, there have to be some serious changes made.

As of right now, it seems like Sean Payton is the man for the job. He has a strong history of success with the New Orleans Saints and the Broncos need that right now.