Sean Payton Pulls A Bro Move, Making Sure A Deployed Serviceman’s Christmas Wish Was Fulfilled

Sean Payton Fills Serviceman's Wish For A 'Salute To Service' Hoodie

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After seeing Saints owner Gayle Benson surprise over 400 people by paying off almost $100,000 in layaway orders at a local Walmart for Christmas, I almost became a New Orleans Saints fan.

Now, after seeing how quickly Saints head coach Sean Payton was in fulfilling the Christmas wish of a deployed serviceman, I think it’s sealed the deal. Who dat?! reports…

Falynn Philipello tweeted at Payton, Drew Brees and the Saints looking for a green “Salute to Service” team hoodie that she hadn’t been able to find at stores.

Philipello said she was hoping to buy the hoodie for her husband overseas and included photos of him with their son.

“Please help me find one to send to him for Christmas,” she tweeted.

When Payton saw her tweet, he tweeted right back to her, “On it’s way. Thank you for your family’s service and sacrifice.”

Her reaction to Payton’s small, but very thoughtful gesture was priceless.

Cakes for life… oh yes.

Fast forward to Tuesday and Philipello shared a couple of photos with her husband and his brand new “Salute to Service” hoodie.

Very, very cool.

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