Seattle Hasn’t Even Been Awarded An NHL Franchise Yet And Fans Already Hate The Team’s Name

Seattle NHL Fans Hate Team Name


Seattle hasn’t even officially been granted a new NHL franchise and yet, thanks to Washington Governor Jay Inslee, fans already hate the team’s name.

It’s not that Seattle won’t be getting a new NHL franchise, the chances of that happening soon are very, very good.

It’s just, well, Governor Inslee might want to at least let the team officially become the NHL’s 32nd franchise before giving it a name. A bad name.

At a press conference regarding a possible high-speed rail between Seattle, Vancouver and Portland, Inslee let something slip about the city’s new NHL team, reports Q13 Fox

“We cannot wait to get on a high-speed rail line to come up and have the greatest hockey rivalry in North American which is the Seattle Totems versus the Vancouver Canucks,” said Inslee.

Seattle did actually have a hockey team named the Seattle Totems which played in the WHL and CHL from 1944 and 1974 (they were called several different names including the Ironmen, Bombers and Americans prior 1958).

There is also currently a junior ice hockey team named the Seattle Totems playing in the Western States Hockey League. Surely, Inslee wasn’t talking about them, right? They don’t play the Canucks. That being said, fans sure do hope that Inslee was talking about the junior team, because they are definitely not down with the Totems as their NHL team’s name.

I don’t see any way they can’t possibly go with the Seattle Kraken. Just think of how much merchandise they would sell.

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