The Seattle Seahawks’ Onside Kick Was Legal, So Let’s Not Cancel The Super Bowl Just Yet

While everyone is up in arms about the New England Patriots’ DeflateGate situation another big, fat scandal has emerged.

It involves the Seattle Seahawks breaking the rules on the most important play of their NFC Championship Game victory. Or at least the allegation the Seahawks employed an illegal formation to recover an onside kick late in the fourth quarter.

This picture caused a Ballghazi-like furor for an hour or so after its posting this morning.

// the six Seahawks players on one side of the ball? People got pretty, pretty upset about that. Until, you know, someone who actually knows the rules of football brought much-needed facts to the party.


So that settles that. The Seahawks will not be forfeiting their spot in the Super Bowl. As for the Patriots, stay tuned. Perhaps if people get angry enough.