Pete Carroll Reveals Seattle Seahawks’ Smart Approach At Quarterback

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

The Seattle Seahawks were expected to spend last offseason in the market for a quarterback after trading Russell Wilson away.

Instead, they decided to stick with what they already had and the move worked out for them.

Geno Smith surprised everybody with a strong season and the team actually improved with him under center.

Despite that, it looks like the Seahawks are still considering drafting a quarterback this year.

Pete Carroll revealed as much to the media yesterday.

Before ending up with the 9th overall pick last year, the Seahawks hadn’t made a selection in the top 10 since they drafted Russell Okung 6th overall back in 2010.

With last year’s quarterback class leaving a lot to be desired, this year presents the Seahawks with the opportunity to replace Russell Wilson that they didn’t have a year ago and this opportunity happens to have become possible because of Wilson’s brutal first season with the Denver Broncos.

This past season, it appeared that Geno Smith had done enough to earn himself some job security. He put together the best season of his NFL career, throwing for 4282 yards and 30 touchdowns while leading a Seahawks squad that was expected to be one of the worst in the league to a playoff appearance.

Now it’s looking like his performance will only be enough to buy him job security until whoever the Seahawks draft is ready to take over as the starter. Luckily for Smith, that could be a little while.

The Seahawks won’t be in position to land Bryce Young or CJ Stroud and both Will Levis and Anthony Richardson would need time to develop before becoming NFL starters.

It’s a smart move for the Seattle Seahawks to be bringing in another quarterback even after Geno Smith’s big year. There’s no telling what he’ll look like next season after struggling through most of his career and teams should always be looking for a clear answer at quarterback.

the way that they’re setting themselves up would allow them to have another year or two to compete with Smith and a roster they should be able to strengthen with their 3 other picks in the first two rounds of this year’s draft.

Then they won’t have to rush a rookie to lead the team before they are ready.

This will allow them to develop a QB without ever having to deal with a rebuild. It’s a strategy more NFL teams should consider when they don’t have a top 10 option at the position.

Just ask the Philadelphia Eagles about the value of drafting a QB even when it appears that you already have your starter.