Seattle Sonics Fans Were The Cruelest People On The Internet After Kevin Durant Bolted From The OKC Thunder

As someone who currently lives in Seattle, I get a daily reminder of how bitter NBA fans in the city still are after their beloved Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City back in 2008.

After being the team that actually drafted Kevin Durant with the No. 2 overall pick in 2007, the entire city was then lied to by team owner Clay Bennett about not moving, then saw the franchise pack up and head East.

With the news that Durant was bolting OKC for the Golden State Warriors, there might not have been people more happy, cruel and ruthless as Seattle hoops fans, who tossed some serious shade on Twitter following the news.

They say that pain heals all wounds, but, even after eight years, it sure doesn’t sound as if Sonics fans have forgotten how the team left—and they’ll continue trolling the Thunder franchise until they, rightfully, get their own organization back in town.

[H/T Complex]

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