Two SEC Teams Draw Short End Of The Stick In ’24 Schedule Release By Having To Face Both UGA And Alabama

An SEC logo on the field at Neyland Stadium.

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The SEC released its schedules for the 2024 season on Wednesday with Oklahoma and Texas soon to join the conference. That reveal has sparked conversation across the college football world.

As fans and media dissect the future slates, they’ve noticed a pair of teams that seemingly drew the short end of the stick. Those two programs are the only to have to face both Alabama and Georgia.

The Bulldogs and Crimson Tide are responsible for the last three national titles, and they don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Tennessee and Auburn will have the tall task of slowing them down in ’24.

Fans aren’t necessarily surprised by the news as both view Bama and UGA as hated rivals.

Georgia-Tennessee has been played every year since 1992 while Georgia’s rivalry with Auburn is the ‘Deep South’s Oldest,’ dating back to 1892.

On the Alabama side, the Crimson Tide have met the Volunteers each year since 1944 with over 105 total meetings, and we all know about the Iron Bowl against Auburn.

Still, seeing the two SEC powers on the schedule certainly puts those teams at an early disadvantage.

Many are reacting to that fact as they post reactions to social media.

Not only will the Vols play Alabama and Georgia, they’ll also face tests against Oklahoma and Florida.

But Auburn might’ve been dealt an even worse hand. They’ll have to travel to BOTH Athens and Tuscaloosa, seeing their toughest opponents in road games.

The Vols knocked off Alabama in 2022, their first win in the series since 2006. They fell to Georgia later in the year.

Auburn, meanwhile, lost to both by a combined score of 91-37 last year.

We’ll see how each team fares against those rival foes in 2024.