Today’s Lesson: If You Annoy A Pro Golfer Enough On Social Media He’ll Let You Caddie For Him

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Ross Kinnaird - Getty Images

Two hundred and six straight days. That is how long golf fan Mark Johnson tweeted at Sergio Garcia before Garcia caved and invited Johnson to caddie for him at an upcoming Pro-Am. Prior to Garcia finally caving and tweeting back at him, Johnson hadn’t heard a word from Sergio. He never asked him to stop. He never blocked or muted him. He never hired a private investigator to look into if Johnson wanted to kill him and then wear his skin (or so I assume). Sergio didn’t do any of that. He just waited 206 days to finally make Johnson’s dreams come true.

Here are some of Johnson’s tweets that lead to this opportunity.

Persistence pays off, kids.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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