Several NBA Players Are Considering Pulling Out Of Season Due To Concerns Of Rising COVID-19 Cases And Not Agreeing With Staying In Orlando Bubble

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The NBA and the player’s union are currently finalizing a deal that will see the season resume in a bubble environment in Orlando but a contingent of players may end up sitting out due to Coronavirus concerns among other things.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, 40-50 players participated in a conference call today to have show concerns about resuming play and the player’s union is currently carving out an exemption for players who want to sit out without penalty.


As a faction of NBA players hold conference calls to discuss uncertainty about restarting the season in the Orlando bubble, the NBA and Players Association are agreeing on a plan that would allow players to stay home without consequences, sources told ESPN.

There were 40 to 50 players on and off a conference call in the past 24 hours discussing a number of concerns centered on the restart in Orlando, but there’s been no formal petitioning to the NBPA among any group wanting out of the 22-team resumption, sources said.

Players are citing a number of concerns, including family situations, the inability to leave the Disney World Resort campus, COVID-19 and the implications surrounding the emergence of social justice causes in the country, sources said. Participants in Orlando — including players — will not be allowed to leave the bubble environment without a 10-day quarantine upon returning to the Disney grounds, sources said.

Players with medical issues that might place them in high-risk categories could seek an independent examination to learn whether they would be excused from participation, sources said. Even those told that they’re fit to play would still be allowed to bow out of Orlando, again, without pay for those eight regular-season games, sources said.

According to NBA insider Keith Smith, several NBA players are worried about the rising Coronavirus numbers in the Orlando area.

Despite concerns from some of the players it still seems like the NBA season is going to be played out.