Several People Accuse Conor McGregor Of Throwing Sucker Punch During UFC 229 Brawl After New Footage Emerges

During last night’s UFC 229 brawl, the broadcast team of Jon Anik,Joe Rogan, and Dominick Cruz made it seem like Conor McGregor was an innocent participant after three members of Khabib Nurmagedov’s team jumped into the cage to attack him.

We now have an alternate angle of what transpired in the cage after Nurmagedov jumped into the crowd and it doesn’t seem like McGregor was blameless in the scuffle.

Watch the highlighted portion of the screen as McGregor appears to throw a punch at one of Nurmagedov’s coaches who was sitting atop of the cage

Several people believe that this was an “unprovoked sucker punch” by Conor.

Others say McGregor was trying to defend his teammates after Nurmagedov had already jumped in crowd.

Here’s another view.

In the end Conor refused to press charges against anyone on Nurmagedov’s team and is calling for a rematch.

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