Shannon Sharpe Puts Skip Bayless In A Body Bag When Asked About Athleticism

Shannon Sharpe discusses Skip Bayless with Kelce Brothers

New Heights / YouTube

Shannon Sharpe is a 3-time Super Bowl champion who was selected to 8 Pro Bowls in his NFL career all en route to being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

Skip Bayless, well, Skip was once nominated for a Sports Emmy Award in 2012. He didn’t win, but he did win a Webby Award that year for a video remix of Skip defending Tim Tebow as the GOAT. So he’s got that Webby in his trophy cabinet.

The two have co-hosted Skip and Shannon: Undisputed since it launched in 2016 and while they’ve butted heads at times, they bring in a solid audience as co-hosts and were averaging 499K viewers/episode back in November.

Shannon Sharpe just appeared as a guest on the New Heights Show, a podcast co-hosted by brothers Jason and Travis Kelce. Travis asked Shannon Sharpe an extension of a question he’d previously asked about getting yardage in the NFL.

Specifically, Travis Kelce asked Shannon Sharpe of Skip Bayless is capable of getting even a single hard in the NFL. Shannon Sharpe’s answer about his co-host Skip Bayless is perfect:

The YouTube version:

Sharped says “No. I’m not saying because he’s average. Ain’t no way they’re gonna let him get a yard.” Adding that players are “gonna go out of their way, And I’m not so sure the offensive line is going to block for him.”

Skip Bayless, is not average, and not capable of getting a single yard in the NFL as told by one of the men who knows Skip Bayless the best and who dominated the NFL in his day.

The replies are solid:

Explains a lot:

You can stream the full interview here. They discuss how Shannon Sharpe got the nickname Unc, Sharpe’s tight end Mt. Rushmore, his NFL Draft Day experience, and if LeBron James could make it in the NFL as a tight end:

That’s a tough stray for Skip to catch when he starts getting tagged in the clips.

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