Shaq Exposes Charles Barkley For Trying To Give Halftime Analysis After Falling Asleep During First Half Of Sixers-Wizards Game

  • Charles Barkley gets called out by Shaq for trying to give halftime analysis of Sixers-Wizards game after falling asleep during first half
  • Barkley immediately gives out incorrect stats of the game after admitting he had fallen asleep while watching the game
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Hopefully, no one actually watches Inside The NBA to listen to Charles Barkley’s basketball analysis.

During halftime of game 1 of the Sixers-Wizards game on Sunday afternoon, Barkley attempted to give his analysis of what went down in the first half. Barkley was quickly interrupted by Shaq, who wanted to tell the viewers at home to not listen to Barkley’s opinion on the game because he had called asleep during the first half.

After admitting he was tired because he was filming a commercial yesterday, Barkley went on to give incorrect stats about the game.

Fans immediately mocked Barkley for trying to give analysis while not actually watching the game.