Shaq Can’t Keep It Together After Charles Barkley Makes ‘Juggling Two Balls’ Comment

Shaquille O'Neal laughing Inside The NBA


Inside the NBA is considered the best sports show on TV because anything can happen at any given time.

On Wednesday night, Charles Barkley was being serious when he made a comment about “juggling two balls” while watching the Grizzlies beat the Lakers during game 2 of their playoff series without Ja Morant.

‘I’m kind of juggling two balls right here cause I’m real proud of what the Grizzlies did, that made me proud of being a basketball player, hey just let’s go compete and see what happens, then you got the Lakers who went out there and dogged it, who went through the motions, shout out to the Grizzlies for competing their behind off’

As soon as Barkley made his “juggling two balls comment”, Shaq began to laugh uncontrollably while Charles kept on talking.

Even Ernie Johnson made a quick joke when he responded to Barkley’s comment, saying, “Is that what you’re trying to do?”

Here’s how NBA fans reacted to Shaq cracking up at Barkley’s comment.

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