Bills Shaq Lawson Aggressively Confronts Broncos Lineman Connor McGovern For Calling Him A Nobody During Two-Sack Game

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The Buffalo Bills 20-3 dismantling of the visiting Denver Broncos wasn’t enough validation for Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson.

After the game, in which Lawson tied his single-game career high with two sacks amounting to 23 negative yards for Denver, the 25-year-old Clemson product twisted the knife into Broncos center Connor McGovern.

Why #60 in particular?

Lawson later told Buffalo reporters that the Broncos were “talking junk” during the game and McGovern implied that Lawson’s three seasons in the NFL have been forgettable.

“To start the game, I think it was No. 60 (McGovern), he goes, ‘I haven’t remembered you since college,’” Lawson said. “I said, ‘I bet I show you.’”

Lawson took this very personally.

The former first round pick relished in his two sack performance, telling reporters after the game that he hadn’t gotten “this much attention since the NFL Draft.”

The Bills have improved to 8-3 and have the top spot in the AFC wild-card race.


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