Shaquille O’Neal Worries Fans After Sharing Hospital Bed Pic

Shaquille O'Neal

Getty Image / Ethan Miller

Everyone on the TNT crew has been active throughout March Madness, except of course Shaquille O’Neal.

In fact, it’s been a little bit since he’s last been seen on television. Now, he has fans worried after sharing a picture from a hospital bed.

Shaquille O’Neal sent a photo on Twitter on Sunday night, tweeting at Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker. Here is the photo that got pretty much everyone worried about the big fella.

According to the New York Post, Shaq “is recovering after having hip replacement surgery over the weekend.”

That’s good news for the Hall of Fame center, as that means Shaquille O’Neal’s situation is not serious.

At the end of the day, the fact he tweeted at Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker is a good sign that O’Neal is doing just fine. If he wasn’t, the tweet likely would have never been sent.

Regardless, fans everywhere just hope nothing but the best for Shaquille O’Neal.

The hip replacement rumor is alive and well, but there still isn’t a reliable source backing it.

Hopefully, we know what’s going on soon.

Keep an eye on Shaquille O’Neal, as more information about the situation should be revealed at any moment.