Dude Pier Fishing Is Shocked To Catch A Shark, Then Loses It When A HUGE Shark Attacks The One On His Line

One of the most thrilling things about pier fishing is anglers who typically can’t access deeper water are able to get well out into the surf and catch species those fishermen have only previously seen on National Geographic. In the clip above a dude was out on the Jacksonville Fishingshark Pier when he noticed some sort of commotion. Initially, everyone knew the angler had hooked a decent sized fish but they thought it was a cobia, which makes sense because cobia look and swim very similar to many species of shark. It didn’t take long to realize that the angler had a decent sized shark on his line and after that, all hell broke loose. This is a different type of crazy from the clip I posted this morning from California where a bro out spearfishing fights off an attacking great white shark with his spear gun but it’s crazy nonetheless.

I never get a really clear view of the MASSIVE shark’s markings, but I’m almost certain that’s a fully grown tiger shark cannibalizing its smaller black tip shark brethren. In this situation, the angler would typically open the bail on the reel and allow the smaller shark to run like hell to escape the larger attacking shark, but this all went down so fast the fisherman wasn’t able to save the smaller shark’s life, and all of the people on the Jax Fishing Pier were treated to one hell of a spectacle.

Until you see clips like this from time to time it’s pretty easy to forget how really real the food chain is, and just how metal nature can be. Before we go I wanted to share that action once more in GIF:

And here’s that video once again via Facebook:

…via USAToday.com

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