Bro Wearing GoPro Fights Off ENORMOUS Great White Shark Attacking Him In Craziest Footage Ever

22-year-old Tyler McQuillen lived through one of the craziest experiences imaginable on September 1st when he was spearfishing with friends in just 10-feet of water off the coast of Santa Barbara, California when a Winnebago-sized great white shark attacked him. You can see the full clip of the attack below at just over 4-minutes, but abvoe I’ve also included a shortened version of the shark attack that’s been condensed down to just over 50-seconds, and shows all of the adrenaline-fueled mayhem that went down underwater.

The fight or flight mechanism of Tyler’s brain kicked into action when he was ACTUALLY BITTEN by the enormous great white shark, but instead of succumbing to death Tyler fought back by stabbing the shark with his spear gun and was able to fend off the attacking freight train. As mentioned above, here’s that full footage of the attack that shows every tense moment underwater:

Here’s the YouTube description from that clip above:

One college student had a close encounter with a shark he will never forget. Tyler McQuillen, 22, thought he was going to die. On September 1, he and his friends were swimming off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in just 10 feet of water when a shark chomped down on his toes. Once McQuellen jabbed the shark with his spear gun it quit and swam away. He managed to capture the whole life-threatening situation on video. The bite broke 2 of his toes.

Honestly, if I were in his situation and made it out of there I think I’d be legitimately happy to have escaped with only 2 broken toes. Sure, broken toes suck and it’s never something you really want to have happen to you, but it’s also an injury that’s innocuous enough to remind you that you were attacked by a VolksWagon-sized great white shark but escaped without any serious injuries at all.

Tyler told ABC News that initially, he thought the attacking shark was his friends playing a joke. Once he saw the shark and it came around a second time he thought his life was over, only to find that he was able to fend off the great white with his speargun.