This Bro Got Bit By A Shark While Surfing So He Caught That Shark And Ate It Like A Goddamn Warrior


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Allen Engleman is a 28-year-old commercial fishermen based out of South Florida, and last weekend he got bitten by a shark while sitting aboard his surfboard in the rough waves off Singer Island in Palm Beach County, Florida. The shark grabbed his hand, ripped it under, and left him in need of a trip to the hospital for 15 stitches. Instead of just rolling over and letting the shark win Allen did the only reasonable thing a Florida Man can do: he caught that fucking shark, filleted it, and cooked it up like a goddamn warrior eating the heart of his enemy in battle. reports:

“He took my left hand down and at the same time I reached down with my right, I grabbed his pec fin and I was battling back and forth with him while I was on my surf board and he let go,” Engleman said in a recorded interview.
That little encounter cost Engleman a trip to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach where he had to get 15 stitches, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Not willing to let the close call go, Engleman returned to the water on Monday with his 5-year-old son Greyson in tow.

Armed with a fishing pole, standing on the beach, Greyson managed to snag in the shark Engleman is convinced was responsible for the bite.
“He’s getting revenge on the shark that got my hand,” Engelman said on camera as Greyson began to reel in the creature.
Engleman is convinced the shark caught Monday and the one who bit him on Sunday are the same. He recognized markings on its fins, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

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I’d never advocate for the unnecessary killing of a shark. Sharks have a hard enough time as it is from the commercial fishing industry. This however is INCREDIBLY BADASS and what Allen Engleman pulled off is a throwback to the warriors of old. I cannot imagine anything more cathartic than eating the shark that attacked you, though I SINCERELY DOUBT that he actually caught the same shark that bit him. It’s not like those sharks just sit put out there for their entire lives, they’re constantly on the move and the likelihood that it was the same shark is slim to none.

That said, it is still a badass story. And for more on this story you can CLICK ON OVER to

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