‘Mo Bamba’ Rapper Sheck Wes Signed To Play Professional Basketball In France

Sheck Wes

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Sheck Wes has always said that he “be ballin’ like a muh’f**kin’ pro” and now he is doing just that. The 22-year-old rapper known most notably for taking over the nation with his song ‘Mo Bamba,’ has signed with a French Ligue Nationale de Basket Pro B team to hoop professionally overseas. Wes will be joining Paris Basketball, part of the country’s second-tier league, in May.

If you somehow forgot about one of last decade’s biggest bangers, let me remind you.

Here’s the thing. While this is undoubtedly a publicity-forward move, Wes is actually not a bad basketball player. He averaged nine assists per game at Norman Thomas High School in Manhattan and shows off his skills on Instagram quite often.

Throughout Wes’ music and fashion career, he has always stayed true to the idea of playing the game on a professional level and randomly declared for the 2020 NBA Draft back in November with a new song.

Even though he was not selected in the Draft, it ended up putting him on the radar of Paris Basketball and the two announced that they were planning to link up in the near future.

Nothing ever came from the announcement until the team made the signing official on Monday. He’s on the roster and everything!

To add another interesting wrinkle, the President of Paris Basketball is a familiar name. David Khan, who was formally the president of the Indiana Pacers and the Minnesota Timberwolves, is now in the same role in France. Khan was the one who famously drafted three point guards in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft that were not named Steph Curry. He has now signed Sheck Wes to join a Paris Basketball team that is in eighth place at 5-4.

It’s unlikely that Wes will play significant minutes, but it would be really cool if he showed up in France, balled out, and ended up signing with a G-League team.