The Sh*ttiest Things That Happened In Football This Week

Football is a hell of a lot of fun to watch each weekend, but that’s only if your team doesn’t do something really crappy like these players/teams/coaches that actually embarrass you as a fan.

Since we’re kind enough to give you the shittiest things from both college and pro football from the weekend, it might be time to reevaluate who you’re cheering for, because a lot of the same people keep showing up on this week after week—which is never a good look.

5. Greg Hardy’s Kind Of A Piece Of Shit

I’m not one to kick a man when he’s down or for no good reason, but Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy is neither, as he’s playing his way back into shape after being suspended the first four games of the season because of an off-the-field incident that included threatening his girlfriend with a bunch of guns.

That rage reared its head again on Sunday against the Cowboys’ game against the New York Giants, with Hardy not only arguing with teammates on the sideline, but slapping a clipboard out of one of his coaches hands.

More than just the action, though, it’s that no one in Dallas seems to give a shit about how Hardy is a real piece of shit, with the team’s owner Jerry Jones defending him and saying he’s just a fiery competitor. JJ must’ve been drunk.

4. Arian Foster’s Awful Injury Luck

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, when healthy, is one of the top running backs in the entire league, consistently running with power and speed and surpassing that still relevant 1,000-yard mark.

It’s too bad the guy has turned into Mr. Glass, though, with injuries piling up and Foster becoming more of a cheerleader from the sideline than an impact player on the field.

It happened again on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins—with the Texans down by 24 points late in the fourth quarter.

Sure, the Foster injury sucks balls for him, the team, his future, Houston fans, his fantasy football owners and all that, but the fact that it came during a non-contact play with the outcome of a game all but decided is just about as shitty as it comes, as he tore his achilles and is done for the year.

3. Colin Kaepernick’s Pitiful Season Is Summed Up With One Throw

Ever since he came into the league, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was constantly criticized for the way that he plays the position, which was normally out of the pocket and running around, rather than the standard drop-back passer many NFL lifers think is the way to go.

For awhile, Kaep proved them wrong—even taking the Niners to a Super Bowl appearance in 2013. Since then, though, the guy has sucked so much ass it hasn’t been funny.

Struggling to complete passes all season and looking more like a backup with no clue what he’s doing, Kapernick’s throw to the sideline that plunked a Niners staffer in the dome is about the most accurate throw the signal-caller has had all year, actually hitting a person who was wide open.

For Niners fans, though, this isn’t exactly too impressive to see.

2. Corey Liuget Goes Kung-Fu Fighting

This entire play is sort of a shitty moment—especially for the NFL and its refs, which is becoming a theme each and every week.

As Oakland Raiders lineman Donald Penn was standing over the Chargers’ Corey Liuget, Penn pulled on the big man’s leg to try and get him off the ground. Pissed off, Liuget kicked back and nailed Penn RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF!

You’d think the ref tossed a flag for Liuget’s kick, right? Wrong, as he penalized Penn without the Chargers defender getting any punishment.

From the kick to the penalty, what a shitty display of football this play was.

1. Georgia Tech Beats Florida State With A Block Field Goal For The Ages

Just last week, I was just telling fellow BroBible writer and FSU alum, Cass Anderson, about how the Noles weren’t getting any respect after still being undefeated. He reminded me that the team was the only one in the country on ANY level to not have am offensive turnover.

Of course, then the Seminoles went out and got their asses handed to them my Georgia Tech.

OK, so it wasn’t a beatdown of epic proportions, but it’s a loss that will stick with Seminoles fans for a long, long time, as Tech blocked a last-second field goal try and ran backwards, around and finally straight ahead towards the end zone for a game-winning score.

It wasn’t quite as depressing as the end of the Michigan-Michigan State game from the week prior, but, fuck, it was still shitty for Florida State supporters to see.