This 5’5” High Schooler Tomahawk Dunking Over Two Defenders Is Proof That Gravity’s A Bitch

In the wake of one of the strongest NBA dunk contests in recent memory, I have heightened standards for newsworthy dunks. But a Milwaukee high schooler just made me react like a movie extra after a dope dance off. You know what I’m talking about–arms spread like you’re holding someone back who never had any intention of moving past you to begin with, give that scrunched up ‘I just whiffed a gnarly fart’ face, and genuinely act like you’ve never seen anything so disrespectful.

His name is Melvin Lee. He is 5’5” which statistically makes him one of the shortest people to ever dunk a basketball. But not only dunk a basketball, accelerate past a defender, cock it back and woof it over two opposing players who each look to be a foot taller than him.

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[h/t Bleacher Report]

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