Winchester Shotgun Trick Shots With Dude Perfect = The Most Fun With Guns Since Paintball Was Invented

Every single one of you has heard of Dude Perfect by now, but I’m willing to wager that there are some bros out there who aren’t yet familiar with the Gould Brothers. Think of them as the ‘Dude Perfect’ of the competitive shooting world (trap shooting, skeet, riflery, etc). Well, these two teams of trick shooters got together for what looks like one of the most fun days ever had on a gun range, and it’s nice to see that Dude Perfect can still have fun from time to time when most of the stuff they’ve done for the past several years has been pretty vanilla.

I’m not sure you would’ve found me shooting markers and candy in the trick shots competition because I tend to worry about things like barrel clogs and misfires, but all the power in the world to these bros for experimenting. Now, let’s check out some highlights in GIF before we hop on out of here. There are many more trick shots in the video than in the GIFs below, I just wanted to include a few for you bros:

The ‘mirror shot’ in which he uses a mirror to shoot a target behind his back:

In this one, he hits the target and then proceeds to reload and shoot his empty cartridges every time they’re released from the shotgun:

And in this one the shooter goes a perfect 7 for 7, all tossed at the same damn time:

Lastly, because Dude Perfect is involved you know they’re going to use a basketball for something: