When Mets Fans Google ‘Sign Up For Mets Playoffs Tickets’ Something Very Sad And Hilarious Happens

A buddy of mine who is a New York Mets fan just texted me with ‘this is gold’, and a screenshot of his Google search of ‘Sign up for Mets playoffs tickets’. Being a fan of the New York Mets is not easy, and apparently Google knows that:

Sign up for Mets playoffs tickets

The Mets have been in complete disarray for decades and are perennial losers/under achievers, but when Google starts laying on the shame of people trying to ‘sign up for Mets playoffs tickets’ by trying to redirect them to the Brooklyn Nets, you know, at that point it might be best to just become a Yankees or a Phillies fan. In general the New York Mets fanbase is made up of people who, geographically speaking, could be either Phillies fans or Yankees fans (in some case even Red Sox fans), so when those optimistic fans who are actually deeply sad below the surface get shot down by Google when searching ‘sign up for Mets playoffs tickets’ I say that’s when those fans should just cut their losses.

Sure, the Mets have a 6.5 game lead over the Nationals as of this afternoon, but the Nationals pitching’s going to take them through September and the spirit of the Mets will once again be crushed. It almost pains me to know I have friends out there who are New York Mets fans and are so optimistic that the Mets won’t sh*t the bed down the stretch this season that they’re already searching ‘Sign up for Mets playoffs tickets’, because prospect of the Mets blowing their division (and subsequent wild card) lead is as inevitable as death and taxes.

Big shout out to my buddy Brendan (and his friend Chris S.) for sending this my way!!!