Did ‘The Simpsons’ Predict Arnold Palmer’s Death Or Just An Eerie Coincidence?

The 28th season premiere of The Simpsons happened on Sunday night. During the episode, there was a reference to golf legend Arnold Palmer.

The scene features Homer filling a water gun and telling Marge, “I’m going to fill a Super Soaker full of lemonade, Karl’s going to fill one with iced tea and we’re going to Arnold Palmer Lenny when he walks in!” Of course referencing to the beverage of half lemonade and half ice tea that has been named after the golf icon.

Marge responds, “Arnold Palmer Lenny? You’re going to Arnold Palmer Lenny?”

“Yeah, you see, Arnold Palmer was a golfer and he made up this drink where it’s not a full glass of lemonade or a full glass of iced tea,” Homer says.

One hour after the reference, it was announced that the great Arnold Palmer was dead.

The episode was made months ago, and it was rather strange and eerie that Homer said, “Arnold Palmer WAS a golfer.” As in past tense.

On Sunday night, Simpsons showrunner Al Jean tweeted out that he was “[very, very] sorry to learn of death of Arnold Palmer and it was too late to cut the Palmer reference.