Six-Year-Old Bro Will Play A 100-Hole Golf Marathon Next Week And His Reason Will Choke You Up


CBS Boston

Six-year-old Ryan McGuire lost his close friend to a rare form of pediatric cancer back in April, and next week he will honor his friend by playing a 100-hold golf marathon while trying to raise $5,000 for pediatric cancer research. On June 17 at MGA Links in Norton, Massachusetts Ryan McGuire will attempt to play 100 holes of golf in one day, all to honor his lost friend and raise money to aid in the fight against cancer….And here I am writing this story from my blogger cave, contemplating why I haven’t done anything this meaningful in my years on this planet.


CBS Boston has the story:

Ryan says he’s missed his friend Danny. When Danny died, his class let go of balloons in the playground at recess.
“You could actually still see them when they were just like dots,” Ryan said.
His mother asked, “Where did they go?”
“To heaven, probably,” Ryan said.


Golf Fights Cancer

When 5-year-old Danny Nickerson of Foxboro died from a rare cancer in April, he left a friend who resolved to do what he could to fight the disease.
Danny was the little boy who wanted only cards for his birthday, and got truckloads of them.
Now, 6-year-old Ryan McGuire of Foxboro is planning to play 100 holes of golf in one day in hopes of raising $5,000 for pediatric cancer research, in memory of his kindergarten classmate.
“He was a good boy. He was a really nice friend,” Ryan told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones. “I liked to play with him and read books with him.”
Ryan’s grandfather, who beat prostate cancer, will be his caddy on June 17 at MGA Links in Norton. Ryan would be the youngest to ever complete 100 holes of golf in a single day.

CBS Boston cites Ryan McGuire’s fundraising goal at $5,000, but if you head on over to his fundraising page his personal goal is listed at $7,500. The six-year-old has already raised $6,465 and there are 19 days left for donors to give to his cause. With only $1,000 left to go until he hits his target I’m pretty sure we can get him there. What say you, bros? Are we ready to lift the spirits of a six-year-old bro who lost his classmate and friend to cancer? To teach him that goodwill exists in the world?

You can find his donation page on Golf Fights Cancer. Here’s what young Ryan has to say on his fundraising page:

Hi. My name is Ryan McGuire and I’m almost 6 years old. I love sports. Especially golf. On Wednesday, June 17th, I get to skip school and play as many holes of golf as I can to raise money in memory of my friend, Danny. Some people I know have had cancer and are OK now. I want to help Danny’s doctor so kids with DIPG have more hope to beat their cancer, too. All of the money I raise with go towards Dr. Mark Kieran’s research at Dana Farber. Thank you for helping me towards my goal of $5,000. And thanks for your gift in memory of Danny.

That’s not a dust storm you’re experiencing, nor is anyone chopping onions. This is just an incredible story about a young bro trying to make a difference in the world while honoring a friend he lost.