Skip Bayless Shares Theory About How Antonio Brown Became A ‘Vampire’ After Asking To Be On His Show

Skip Bayless Shares Theory On How Antonio Brown Became A 'Vampire'

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  • Antonio Brown is what Skip Bayless calls a ‘Vampire.’
  • He is unable to look at himself in the mirror because he is no longer who he once was.
  • Bayless discussed his experience with Brown on his podcast ‘The Skip Bayless Show’ and raised an interesting discussion.
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Skip Bayless, like him or not, has an uncanny ability to relate with people from all walks of life. Credit to him where credit is due.

The 70-year-old sports columnist, commentator, and television personality can talk to anyone. That doesn’t mean to say that he will get along with that person, necessarily, but he can hold a conversation with anyone and is able to always keep an open, honest discussion.

Except Antonio Brown.

Bayless, on his weekly podcast ‘The Skip Bayless Show,’ discussed his relationship (or lack there of) with AB. During the candid monologue-esque discussion, Bayless recalled his interactions with Brown and offered an interesting theory.

When Bayless ran into Brown at the ESPYs in Los Angeles, Brown went over to him, gave him a hug, and asked to be on the show. Bayless was in.

“And yet,” he says. “I couldn’t connect with him. Usually with athletes, rappers, I just have a way about me, I can connect. Go back to the days, me and Chad Johnson did battle on TV live, but we connected off camera, […] Lil Wayne became a very close friend of mine, Nelly became a very close friend of mine. I was open to connecting with Antonio and I just couldn’t.”

Bayless then went on to say “there wasn’t any there there.” He just couldn’t find that common ground. He couldn’t find that “in.”

Later in the one-sided conversation, Bayless discussed what he calls “turning.” He explains that it’s when someone, almost like a vampire, turns into somebody that they don’t know anymore. It is when somebody gets so caught up in the fame, in the spotlight, and in the popularity that he or she can no longer look in the mirror. That person isn’t fully there.

Bayless’ perspective on Brown is spot-on. He hits the nail right on the head, and you will know exactly what he is talking about.

Take a listen:

Again, like him or not, Bayless is able to meet most people in the middle. But not Brown— which says a lot about the polarizing wide receiver.