Skip Bayless Has A Conspiracy Theory About Kawhi Leonard’s Injury And Wants You To Hear It

Skip Bayless Has A Conspiracy Theory About Kawhi Leonard Injury

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Tuesday night, during Toronto’s 120-102 win over the Bucks, Raptors star Kawhi Leonard was clearly favoring the leg he injured during his team’s win over Milwaukee on Sunday.

“He’s playing through pain,” Danny Green told reporters after Game 4. “He can’t even celebrate baskets because of how painful it is. You dunk on a guy like Giannis and you are worried about your knee, it shows you that he’s fighting. We’re going to need him to fight through the rest of this series. We need two more.”

Leonard, for his part, says he is fine, “I can keep going, keep fighting. We have a chance to make history. There’s no excuses. You’re playing basketball. And we got a win tonight.”

Not everyone is buying the fact that Leonard has been fighting through a painful injury, however.

For instance, Undisputed host Skip Bayless not only doesn’t believe it, he even has a handy conspiracy theory about it that he decided to share on Twitter Tuesday night.

Put on your tin foil hats, kids.

“He seems to be moving just fine.” Has Skip been watching sports with Stephen A. Smith again?

Sooo, Leonard is not hurt, he’s just limping around in case the Raptors get eliminated. Got it.

Yes, this is EXACTLY like San Antonio.

Are you sure about all that, Skip? I mean, you’re judging all of this from what, your couch? What’s that? You are and you will prove it on national television? Cool.

Skip is really into that whole “San Antonio all over again” comparison. Oh well, at least everyone agrees with him.