Kevin Hart Interviews Skip Bayless, And Of Course, Bayless Causes Hart To Lose His Damn Mind

Skip Bayless Kevin Hart Cold Interview

YouTube - LOL Network

This week’s episode of Cold As Balls from Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud network features the biggest mouth in sports, Skip Bayless.

Topics covered in this interview include how Bayless got into sports journalism, how and why Kevin was to blame for the Sixers playoff failures, and finally, they get to the root of Skip’s constant bashing of LeBron James.

Skip opens up the interview (1:20) by accusing Kevin of “sabotaging” his beloved 76ers in the playoffs by sitting courtside during the NBA playoffs and igniting Dwyane Wade to go off on the Sixers. Kevin responds that he is this generation’s Spike Lee.

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Bayless also shared what led him to get into sports journalism (1:53) and it turns out, wait for it, he’s a frustrated high school athlete (No way!), whose writing talent was discovered by one of his teachers.

Bayless then goes on a rant about how he can debate football “with anybody,” prompting this look from Kevin Hart…

YouTube - LOL Network

YouTube - LOL Network

Kevin then confronts Skip on his hatred of LeBron James, asking him, “Why do you hate LeBron?!” (5:40) Skip responds that he actually likes James, but… Skip’s take on Kobe Bryant prompts a “WHAT THE F**K?! WHAT KIND OF SH*T IS THAT?!” out of Hart.

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The episode caps off with Skip sharing his thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard saga and detailing the inside information he gathered from the team during the conflict. (10:07)

Watch the entire episode below, the do this…

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Skip’s gonna Skip.

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