Skip Bayless Doubles Down, Goes After Russell Westbrook’s Wallet By Saying He’s Most The ‘Overpaid Player’ In NBA History

Skip Bayless: Russell Westbrook Is The 'Overpaid Player' In NBA History

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  • Skip Bayless has been beefing with Russell Westbrook on Twitter.
  • On Sunday, Bayless escalated the beef by taking further shots at the Lakers’ point guard.
  • Skip said Westbrook is the most “overpaid player ever” and the “worst three-point shooter” in the NBA.

Perhaps aware that the sports world is now entering the quietest time of the year until football starts back up again in September, Fox Sports 1’s professional loudmouth Skip Bayless has escalated his beef with Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook.

During the NBA Draft on Thursday night, Bayless, who has taken plenty of shots at the 33-year-old All-Star over the years, tweeted that “Michigan State’s Max Christie, who shot only 32% from 3 last season, [will] fit right in with LeBron and Westbrick.”

Westbrook, obviously fed up with the “Westbrick” nickname that Bayless has bestowed upon him, replied to the tweet by telling the 70-year-old sportstalk personality to “watch his mouth” and to not say anything he “wouldn’t say to his face.”

On Sunday — just hours before the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup, which officially kicks off the sports world’s “Slow Summer Season” [where baseball, in its dog days, is the only major American sport in action] — Bayless decided to double-down on his growing beef with Westbrook.

Skip Bayless calls Russell Westbrook the most “overpaid player” in NBA history

Clearly choosing not to mince words, Bayless — who called him the most “overpaid player ever” and the “worst three-point shooter” in the league — invited Westbrook on his show to talk about how he’ll earn a $47 million salary next season.

At the time of this writing on Monday morning, Westbrook — who admittedly had his worst season in about a decade last year — has yet to reply to Bayless.

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