Skip Bayless Says Ja Morant Ignored Famous Rapper’s Offer To Help Him Get Back On Track

Ja Morant

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No one truly knows what the future holds for Ja Morant in the wake of the multiple gun-related incidents that have derailed the career of the Grizzlies guard who’d spent the past few years cementing himself as one of the most exciting up-and-coming talents in the NBA.

While Morant received counseling in the wake of the suspension he received the first time he flashed a weapon on Instagram, he proved it hadn’t had the desired effect after doing the exact same thing less than two months after he made his return to Memphis.

One of the biggest narratives surrounding Morant’s repeated missteps is that a man who (by most accounts) had a comfortable upbringing and had recently signed a five-year contract extension that could’ve netted him upwards of $230 million decided to embrace a lifestyle many people who’ve spent the bulk of their existence immersed in it are baffled he’d want to adopt.

That includes a longtime member of the Crips who ripped a “fake” Morant for trying to fashion himself as hard as well as Cam’ron, who recently shared some unsolicited advice to the embattled player while encouraging him to get on the right path.

Killa Cam wasn’t the only member of the hip-hop community to share a similar sentiment, as Lil Wayne also put him on blast for potentially throwing away everything he’s been able to gain thanks to his basketball talents.

Based on what Skip Bayless recently had to say, it appears Weezy was more than willing to go above and beyond in the hopes of helping Morant figure things out, as the talking head revealed he’d tried (and failed) to connect the two men after the former reached out to him with an offer.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Lil Wayne texted me. He said, ‘Hey, can you connect me with Ja? Because I could help him. I’ve been there. I’ve done all this. I wound up in prison on Riker’s Island. I know what happens. I know where you can go wrong and I know what’s right.’

I said, ‘I’ll try.’ I reached out to Ja; ‘Would you sit with Lil Wayne? Would you talk with Lil Wayne?’ Wayne would fly to Memphis in a heartbeat tonight. Wayne would private plane it and go right to Memphis if he thought he could save a career and a soul. 

I got nothing back from Ja.”

Here’s to hoping Morant still gets the help he clearly needs from some other sources.

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